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11) Superstitions, diets and belief in anything

February 23, 2021

We tried everything. Wacky diets, rituals, natural remedies, strange looking herbs.  Some things for 2 days, some things for 5 years, will we ever know what made the difference?

I delve deep into the hit, misses and maybe we found throughout the process - and look at what did and didn’t work for us.  We talk to a Reflexologist and the Doctors at the Lister Hospital to get their take on alternative approach.

This includes:

  • *Ways to reduce stress 


  • *Drink and nutrition


  • *Reflexology at Soma Therapies in North London


  • *Supplements, herbs and vitamins


  • *Alternative therapy


  • *Keeping a positive mindset


  • *And just doing your best.

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