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8) Needles and bruises, endless IVF cycles (sustaining hope and routines)

February 2, 2021

Onto another attempt after a negative pregnancy, we fast forward through 3 years and countless rounds and embryos, it feels like an endless cycle.  How do you sustain hope when your results and biological clock are heading in the wrong direction?  In IVF what are the  further tests to rule out other issues and what we tried to improve results (Genetic testing, Sperm DNA fragmentation test, Endometrial Scratch, supplements) Expert advise on what  can help improve your  chances. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • *Dr Alison Taylor talks through the importance of the Sperm DNA fragmentation Test and explains about sperm damage.
  • *Emma Whitney the Lister Hospital  Embryologist outlines when is the right time for Genetic  Embryo testing. 
  • *Fact check on the effects of age on your sperm and nutrients
  • *Sustaining hope with constant bad news. 
  • *Tips on deciding when enough is enough
  • *Celebrating light at the end of the tunnel with a cup of tea.

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