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7) Embryo Transfer and Hope

January 27, 2021

As first timers, we couldn’t be anything but hopeful on our first Embryo Transfer day. I talk about the process of our blastocyst being transferred and how it can all seem overwhelming and confusing - especially when you’re looking at the screen and the doctor is asking  “Can you see it?” (No is the answer, but I say yes anyway.)

It's not a straightforward stats game but I get an expert to help us make sense of the numbers as we begin the anxious 10 day wait for positive news.

  • *Expert explanation of what a Blastocyst actually is, what the quality coding means and what the chances are of success  from Emma Whitney , Embryologist.


  • *Day by day what happens up to the Embryo Transfer and then the longest 10 days wait of our lives.


  • *What's it like working on 20,000 transfers. A chat with Sonia Fuentes Lorente our ultra positive Embryo transplant nurse.


  • *The difficult decisions - 1 or 2 blastocysts and why defrosting an embryo is  possibly quicker than turning it round to three in the microwave. 

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