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9) Loss - A male perspective on miscarriage

February 10, 2021

You have to have something in the first place to lose it, and that in a way is crueller.

This episode discusses a  difficult topic - loss. Nothing can prepare you for the  pain of a miscarriage, but it is important to remain as a team at this time. Whether you feel strong or not, you’re in it together and the support of each other is vital.

But here's the but. There’s not much written on this subject  from a male perspective and it can be a difficult burden for the partner when you don't have the physical pain .  I talk about how to let yourself grieve and giving yourself time to accept. I'm also joined by a counsellor at The Lister Hospital who provides some practical advice.

  • Facts and figures.
  • Dealing with mental pain as well as physical.
  • How to break the news to your family and cope with work.
  • How to move on and think about the next stage in your fertility journey as a couple.
  • How to mark your loss in a way that means something to you. 

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