ivf DAD

6) Egg Collection and fertilisation - hopefully

January 19, 2021

So we’re at the point in our IVF journey on Egg Collection day, there is a nervous wait as the female goes  under anaesthetic, the man normally gets the call to do his  bit  and you anxiously wait. This is our story.   How many eggs if any will they collect? Will they fertilise? Will they survive and reach blastocyst  stage? Will we go through to the next stage? It's like x factor but even worse. 

We meet one of the  Embryologists who are so important in this process.  Can we make it through to the next stage?

  • *Facts about ICSI - how it works
  • *The male partners role on Egg Collection day.
  • *A chat with our embryologist Emma Whitney, Lister Hospital and ask the questions I wish I had asked at the time.
  • *What happens under the laboratory lights during fertilisation.

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