ivf DAD

5) Needles and bruises. Our first fertility treatment

January 12, 2021

So we commence with the IVF/ICSI  treatment cycle number 1 and I’m trying to work out what my role is, as well as grappling with handing over £400+ for a round of fertility drugs. I also outline the five mistakes that you can make when injecting your partner with a syringe.

We meet Liz Owen  the  Lister hospital sonographer (Ultrasound scanning) and ask what the hell you are meant to be looking out for on those first IVF scans. Finally we look at why we ended up at A&E rather than the  Fertility clinic before we even got started.

  • Pharmacy tips and tricks to reduce the cost
  • Acting in solidarity with your partner and feeling useless
  • Tips on administering injections for fertility treatment
  • What is ovarium hyperstimulation?

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